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darcy kalaw
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi there guys, my name's Darcy Kalaw, but i prefer to be called darz here XD
Iam currently a 2nd year college student, and a self taught artist.
i often enjoy working on art for others more than for myself, i do what i want, when i want and how i want, but you can ask me to do specific details if necessary.

i'd love to hear your feedback, although i can't always reply to every comment, i always read them all. i keep track of those who fave my works and everything else.

i don't feel like putting my entire personality in my bio here, i just want to tell you that if you wanna be friends and wanna know more about me,don't just look my info up and tell me "lets be friends." it doesn't work like that. just come talk to me. i wont bite.

one thing i would like to clarify though is that i recieve tons and tons of messages, though i try my best to respond, i do read and look at them all. if i dont respond, that could mean i dont have the means to do so at that given time.

i do read them all and look at all those art, i really appreciate them so keep em coming ^^

what I currently draw: randomly chosen ocs, dragons!

you'll also find me on

weasyl: as Frostwind Lunaris
youtube: TheWanderingMoonlight
facebook: darcy kalaw
skype: live:darcy_kalaw same name whatsoever XD : frostwind

Real Life Friends.


iam a dragonbrothers fan so here

the one who made them all :iconj-c:

Proud, strong, and true, blue dragons enjoy cold, ice, winter, and all things blue

I am a Blue Dragon!
What dragon color are you?

lets try this out just to see what countries visit my page the most
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lol still getting used to this new DA layout, but that's besides the point.

well i got my new tablet now as you could see from my recently submitted pic. i guess i'm gonna be drawing stuff like i used to. The thing is my inbox still reminds me of the horrible past that was being inactive, lol just kidding, it's not horrible XD

i guess my point is, i'm clearing em all out, though i'm gonna scan them still for very important stuff you guys posted. and if i do miss some and delete em, dont hesitate to siege my inbox once more XD

i hope you guys would understand, and i'll thank you in advance. for those who can't well... get a life just kidding XD 

i'm not entirely sure i'll be drawing alot since i'm into alot of games right now XD but let's hope for the best. pester me to draw if you like XD

kiriban goal is really really close. good luck to all
GA: Happy birthday Sparkaii!! X3 by darcykalaw
GA: Happy birthday Sparkaii!! X3
i'm a bit late, hope you dont mind X3

and yes i recieved a new tablet just recently. i had to do some practice sketches first though, i needed to get used to drawing again XD
alot of unexpected events here and there cause me to delay this a bit, but enough excuses, time to celebrate! XD

happy birthday Zarna, hope you like it X3

ps: 7k messages to look into, darn it XD

10k kiriban still ongoing.

you know the drill, art (c) to me, character (kora) (c) to :iconsparkaii:
do not use without permission ;)
Minecraft: Frostwind statue by darcykalaw
Minecraft: Frostwind statue
my first submission in months, yay! XD

done in collaboration with :iconraelisoraz:

Y -104 blocks high (from paws to the highest point of the wings) (135, from the tail) 
X - 209 blocks long (wing span)
Z -  79 blocks thich (nose tip, tail)
time: approx, 21 hours (2 days)

blocks: (statistics menu)
- 8930 packed ice
- 4700 blue stained clay
- 48 lapiz lazuli blocks
- 18 sea lanterns
- 4 black wool
- 2 purple wool

this is honestly the largest thing i have ever done, Rael says the same. He literally had to sleep at the day just to finish it together, he deserves a round of applause. We both agree that doing a thing this big again is totally absurd XD that is unless we get some sort of determination to do one for Raethiel.

-the railroad wasnt done in creative mode btw, i built that back when i havent killed the ender dragon yet. during some free time using excess cobblestone from all the mining i did. approx, 2500 blocks long. 8k+ cobblestone blocks. i guess it's worth praising too, even for a bit XD

-oh and a closeup of the redstone clocks we used for the fireworks display XD 5 clocks alternating as each of it's redstone torch burnt out.

-"dragon dance" texture pack, credited to steelfeathers on

-fun fact, there's a secret room that can be accessed by climbing the tail up to the back, there's a door visible from the first shot, just below his shoulders. "frosty's heart" as Rael calls it. full of red decorations and stuff Rael pictured that is inside frosty's heart. 2 beds and and tons of loot, a 64-stack each of rare ore and crystal blocks.

-Rael also added a "brain", there's a "green" emerald block in there XD

frostwind (c) to me
statue (c) to me and Rael
minecraft (c) to mojang
it had been a long time since i last posted a journal, i guess this will be a long one XD

first of all, I wasn't really away in a sense. I have enough time to check in every week. I dont have a working tablet, I can't draw any digital stuff, also I dont feel like doing traditional either (besides sketches), i guess i got too attached to digital art. Then again, i dont really have alot of comments and replies to reply to anyway, since most of them were feedback from art that i submit. That leaves me with ALOT of watch messages, which to me, is pretty much boring. Not that i dont like the stuff you guys put in my inbox. I looked at every single one dont worry, why would i watch you otherwise. I just dont feel like commenting.

but i still have them all, i have stuff in there that goes way back to July 2 XD

but anyways, my mom got me a new tablet, the only thing to wait for now is the shipping (mom works and lives abroad). so yeah, i guess this is a pre-celebration, so YAY XD

once i get that, everything will probably return to normal, or alteast a little bit better than my current status XD


also, the kiriban at 10k is still ongoing, so dont forget to keep an eye on that counter :p

also, i noticed that alot of new people had suddenly started faving my works, i literally had no activity messages for like 2 months then suddenly, wham i got 158. that is a huge number to thank individually, you probably know who you peeps are so yeah, thanks for all those faves X3

as for a space filler, got tagged by :iconardengrail:

screw the rules XD i'll just answer your questions X3

1. where in the world would you like to travel & why?
- umm i'm not really sure though, probably stay at home, or wherever Rael drags me to is fine.
2. What is your favourite dessert?
- hmm, tough one. I'd like some fruit salad right now
3. funniest youtube video you've seen this year...
- damn! an even harder one. i've seen alot of funny videos out there that i dont even know anymore, plus i think most of them was from 9gag. i think XD
4. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would you pick?
- dragon! you never said it can't be fantasy =P
5. your favourite colour?
- blue and it's lighter shades
6. Do you have any strange habits?
- i dont really know since no one said anything weird about what i do.
7. Where do you want to be in 10 years?
- on a computer chair
8. Your most embarrassing moment...
- my mic sparked which made me make a squeal like sound in front of a 400+ people audience 
9. Your favourite book?
- rawr! all these hard questions! right now i'm rooting for "heroes of olympus" series but "age for fire" was a huge piece of gold as well 
10. What movie could you sit through over and over?
- i had sat through multiple movie repeatedly but the most repeats was for kung fu panda 1. i literally got memorized every line in the whole movie. when i'm not watching and i'm alone in my room, i spend hours speaking them as if playing the movie from my head XD i never gotten anywhere close to that with any other movie.

another filler XD  

dragon character mary-sue test

stolen from :anyone else who had done this:

Name: Frostwind. (i'd put two labels for both young/teen and old. - and + corresponds to young.) (this is still subject to change =p)

[X+] Your dragon's name has a special meaning. 
[/-] He/She was named after something or someone. [Sun, River, Moon, etc.] (half points, his line is named after the moon)
[ ] His/Her name is very unusual. 
[ ] His/Her name is a japanese word for an object. [A word for star, moon, light, dark, etc.]
[ ] Your dragon's name is a combination of his/her parents' names. 
[X+] He/She is called by a nickname. (Frosty, Popsicle, and alot of other names XD)
Total: 2.5 and 2.5

[ ] You use another dragon to describe yours.
[ ] He/She is beautiful, handsome, or sexy.
[ ] Your dragon has a really nice figure.
[ ] He/She can eat as much as they want and still won't gain any weight.
[ ] Is loved by others [either to be lovers of just friends] because of his/her beauty.
[ ] Others are jealous of his/her beauty.
[ ] Your dragon looks like he/she should be anorexic, but really isn't.
[ ] Has an unusual, natural eye color. [Red, purple, yellow, etc.] (purple isn't unusual for my world so yeah)
[ ] His/Her eyes can change form. [Slit-ed, pupil less, etc.] 
[X] His/Her eyes can change color. 
[ ] Has an unusual, natural hair color.(no hair, is that unusual? XD)
[ ] Your dragon's hair can change colors.
[X- ] Your dragon can can change forms. [Dark sides, corrupted forms, etc.] 
[X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] Mark a box for each form they have.
[X] Your dragon has a scar with a meaning behind it.
[X] Has a certain piece of jewelry that they never take off. 
[ ] Your dragon has weird/unusual markings. 
[X] Parts of his/her body can glow. 
Total: 10.5 and 2.5

[X] Has more than 5 elements.
[ ] At least one of his/her elements are ones you made up. [Love, steel, music, etc.] 
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Check each box for each element you made up. (she uses Kyris)
[ ] His/Her element does not has a limit on how much they use. 
[X+] His/Her element is one that is feared by others.
[+] Your dragon has an element that he/she has not discovered yet.
Total:  12.5 and 4.5

[X+] Your dragon has a unique power. [Magic, sixth sense, telekinetic, etc.] 
[/+] That unique power is feared by others. (half are scared, half feels he'll be useful/helpful)
[ ] He/She has a healing power of some sort.
[ ] He/She can heal anyone from near death. 
[X+] Your dragon has a power that he/she has not discovered yet. 
[ ] He/She is or is partially a demon.
[ ] He/She is or is partially an angel. 
[X] Your dragon is stronger than most dragons. 
[ ] He/She likes to fight. 
[X] Wins most fights they are in. 
[X] Your dragon can take down several others at once.
Total: 17.5 and 7.5

[X+] Your dragon is the last of their kind.
[/] He/She doesn't know their parents. 
[ ] One of his/her parents are dead. 
[X+] Both of his/her parents are dead.
[X] Your dragon watched one or more of their parents die. (seeing a memory from another)
[X] He/She ran away from home. 
[/] He/She raised themselves. 
[ ] Your dragon was raised by the villain.
[ ] He/She escaped from the villain all by themselves. 
[/-] He/She is the chosen one and must save the world. (either save or destroy)
[ ] Your dragon saves the world by themselves. 
Total: 22.5 and 10

TOTAL: 22.5 and 10 (old frostwind is supposed to be OP, but i didnt expect young frost to be boring XD)

0 - 10 Anti-Sue:
You might want to add a few more features to your dragon so that they aren't too boring.

11 - 20 Balanced Character:
Your dragon has a good amount of features and abilities. They don't have too many so aren't too powerful.

21 - 30 Borderline Mary-Sue:
You should take off a few features from your dragon. You don't want to have a too powerful or attractive character.

30+ Mary-Sue:
You should really think through all of their powers and abilities because your character might really annoy some people. Try not to make your character too beautiful or powerful and maybe come up with an original background if you scored low in that category.


well i guess that's it for now, again, thanks to all of you amazing peeps who kept supporting me for all this time X3
i'll make sure to start giving what you guys deserve X3, soon. very soon.
July 2014 art by darcykalaw
July 2014 art
i can't call this a dump, there's no better title XD

first, a wip of amatsumagatsuchi from monster hunter, had the circles on there as guides when i transferred the sketch to another paper.

a few sketches of dragons, zipp, frostwind, aqua, and a wip of aura.

then the main pieces.

first, i tried doing a bit more realistic zipp and ended up going overboard and added the scales XD

then a sketch of krypton which was for a long postponed sketch trade XD also ended up going overboard, i hope i didnt change the design too much making them in my point of view.

and lastly the kiriban prize for CelestialRainicorn and his dragoness, Aura. sorry it took so long.


for an update, most of these were done atleast two weeks ago, we just had no power for the last two weeks as a storm passed by, i think it's the strongest one since the last 7 years. though we have power back on now, we still have no internet. i uploaded this from meh cousin's house, very slow internet though, took me 20 minutes to upload this XD

lol i have alot of catching up to do, but that's for when our internet comes back.

for now i'll be inactive, sorry.


all characters belong to their respective owners. =P

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