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darcy kalaw
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi there guys, my name's Darcy Kalaw, but i prefer to be called darz here XD
Iam currently a 2nd year college student, and a self taught artist.
i often enjoy working on art for others more than for myself, i do what i want, when i want and how i want, but you can ask me to do specific details if necessary.

i'd love to hear your feedback, although i can't always reply to every comment, i always read them all. i keep track of those who fave my works and everything else.

i don't feel like putting my entire personality in my bio here, i just want to tell you that if you wanna be friends and wanna know more about me,don't just look my info up and tell me "lets be friends." it doesn't work like that. just come talk to me. i wont bite.

one thing i would like to clarify though is that i recieve tons and tons of messages, though i try my best to respond, i do read and look at them all. if i dont respond, that could mean i dont have the means to do so at that given time.

i do read them all and look at all those art, i really appreciate them so keep em coming ^^

what I currently draw: randomly chosen ocs, dragons!

you'll also find me on

weasyl: as Frostwind Lunaris
youtube: TheWanderingMoonlight
facebook: darcy kalaw
skype: live:darcy_kalaw same name whatsoever XD : frostwind

Real Life Friends.


iam a dragonbrothers fan so here

the one who made them all :iconj-c:

Proud, strong, and true, blue dragons enjoy cold, ice, winter, and all things blue

I am a Blue Dragon!
What dragon color are you?

lets try this out just to see what countries visit my page the most
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Yesterday was a blast, we did so much the whole day that i wasnt able to leave a journal last night XD

I recieved alot of greeting and gift from both family and friends as well as you guys, i seriously cant thank you all enough X3

having the opposite timezone to you guys definitely had some benefits, when Nov. 8 arrived for most of you, it was already 8-9am here, seeing all those gifts was a really great start for the day.

so without further ado, arranged by order of submission. the awesome stuff you awesome people did for me.

:iconkogoro-inc:'s frostwind sketch Happy Birthday Epic Ol' Pal! :D by kogoro-Inc

your gift was a surprise, as well as your presence, being away for like a year and a half, it's really good to have you back bro. Though it feels like yesterday we were still working on Ignis' role to the story XD i hope you get to stay this time, i really did missed you X3

:iconfroman4363:'s painting Happy Birthday Darz by froman4363

this is absolutely epic bro, you really outdid it this time, i salute your effort X3 thank you.
the rainbow whisker version really cracked me up XD
thank you for being an awesome friend, please stay awesome.


for the record, he didnt actually drew something for me, but he sang a song, yeah he did and it was epic!
Your voice really had some punch, and god damn you sang for 5 hours until you got it perfectly? That is absolutely insane XD I can only imagine singing a bit and my family would tease me just because i'm singing, let alone singing loud and full XD
thank you Dan, that was absolutely epic.

:iconraethiel:'s commish from :iconraiinbowraven: Frostwind tf by RaiinbowRaven

oh god, where do i even start. You literally kept me at the edge of my seat for hours on end. All those questions you asked me and all the wrong guesses i made XD i never expected this. I absolutely adore tf's theyre like something to help me escape reality and wander out in fantasy through imagination. What's odd though was that I actually did get a pillow and it was indeed wrapped in green paper and i faceplanted on it just like in the piece, that was 10 minutes before i recieved the link and saw this, i kinda wished it wasnt just a coincidence XDD but i'm sure there would be some problems if that did happen XDDD.
I'm sure you put alot of thought on what to get for me, thank you dear for everything, i love you.

:iconbeetlebelle:'s Happy Birthday Darcy! by BeetlebelleDarcy1 by Beetlebelle

so you waited for your tablet pen and did these in just a few hours, you my friend are absolutely amazing. The gif is awesome,dat frozen fire XD arghhhh i really need to get more words for these, it's just nggngngng *sigh* epic. everytime he blows, I make the same expression in sync XD
and the sketch, I always liked how badass he looked in your style. Dat face is freaking handsome XD
thanks ALOT bee ^^

Plus those peepz who left and astounding amount of greeting in DA, FB and skype. I really can't thank you all enough, i feel like i'm in debt with all of you, i've been inactive for a few months, but you guys greeted me still with so much warmth. You really put me back up in the mood. I'm not gonna let your efforts go to waste, expect some art to come soon X3

Also, outside the net. I recieved alot of epic stuff as well. I got a samsung tablet, which is soo epic, i dont always have to carry this heavy laptop now if the tablet can handle the specific job. I got a copy of "The heroes of olympus" book 5 "The blood of Olympus" which i am reading to bits just now. The pillow that would supposedly tf me into frosty like in the comic XD.

on a side note, it also marks the end of my 2nd year here in DA ;)
Right now i'm currently busy mostly with college, but seeing all of you guys put effort in all of these, i'm absolutely going to find a way to squeeze DA and all of you guys into my schedule. For now, please excuse me from replying to the comments, i've got some pieces to work on ;)

I guess that about sums it up, again I thank each and everyone of you X3

~frostwindL signing out...
lol still getting used to this new DA layout, but that's besides the point.

well i got my new tablet now as you could see from my recently submitted pic. i guess i'm gonna be drawing stuff like i used to. The thing is my inbox still reminds me of the horrible past that was being inactive, lol just kidding, it's not horrible XD

i guess my point is, i'm clearing em all out, though i'm gonna scan them still for very important stuff you guys posted. and if i do miss some and delete em, dont hesitate to siege my inbox once more XD

i hope you guys would understand, and i'll thank you in advance. for those who can't well... get a life just kidding XD 

i'm not entirely sure i'll be drawing alot since i'm into alot of games right now XD but let's hope for the best. pester me to draw if you like XD

kiriban goal is really really close. good luck to all
GA: Happy birthday Sparkaii!! X3 by darcykalaw
GA: Happy birthday Sparkaii!! X3
i'm a bit late, hope you dont mind X3

and yes i recieved a new tablet just recently. i had to do some practice sketches first though, i needed to get used to drawing again XD
alot of unexpected events here and there cause me to delay this a bit, but enough excuses, time to celebrate! XD

happy birthday Zarna, hope you like it X3

ps: 7k messages to look into, darn it XD

10k kiriban still ongoing.

you know the drill, art (c) to me, character (kora) (c) to :iconsparkaii:
do not use without permission ;)
Minecraft: Frostwind statue by darcykalaw
Minecraft: Frostwind statue
my first submission in months, yay! XD

done in collaboration with :iconraelisoraz:

Y -104 blocks high (from paws to the highest point of the wings) (135, from the tail) 
X - 209 blocks long (wing span)
Z -  79 blocks thich (nose tip, tail)
time: approx, 21 hours (2 days)

blocks: (statistics menu)
- 8930 packed ice
- 4700 blue stained clay
- 48 lapiz lazuli blocks
- 18 sea lanterns
- 4 black wool
- 2 purple wool

this is honestly the largest thing i have ever done, Rael says the same. He literally had to sleep at the day just to finish it together, he deserves a round of applause. We both agree that doing a thing this big again is totally absurd XD that is unless we get some sort of determination to do one for Raethiel.

-the railroad wasnt done in creative mode btw, i built that back when i havent killed the ender dragon yet. during some free time using excess cobblestone from all the mining i did. approx, 2500 blocks long. 8k+ cobblestone blocks. i guess it's worth praising too, even for a bit XD

-oh and a closeup of the redstone clocks we used for the fireworks display XD 5 clocks alternating as each of it's redstone torch burnt out.

-"dragon dance" texture pack, credited to steelfeathers on

-fun fact, there's a secret room that can be accessed by climbing the tail up to the back, there's a door visible from the first shot, just below his shoulders. "frosty's heart" as Rael calls it. full of red decorations and stuff Rael pictured that is inside frosty's heart. 2 beds and and tons of loot, a 64-stack each of rare ore and crystal blocks.

-Rael also added a "brain", there's a "green" emerald block in there XD

frostwind (c) to me
statue (c) to me and Rael
minecraft (c) to mojang

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